Disclaimers and Notes


Demonstrating, using or reselling these fireworks: The purchaser will obey all pertinent laws, federal, state, county, city and municipality.  All merchandise on this list will be sold upon the condition that we the seller shall not be liable in any civil action for arrest or injury occasioned during transportation or handling, storage, sale or use of the merchandise.  All fireworks sold by Rizer's Fireworks have been approved for sale by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. At Rizer's - all locations are state licensed, with a Federal license for display shows.

Rizer's Wholesale Fireworks welcomes all customers to our show rooms / warehouses.

We accept cashier checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, and cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS


M-80's, Cherry Bombs, and 1/4 Sticks are NOT fireworks, as often described by the Media, but are illegal explosives banned in 1966.  They are in fact a federal offense, and are responsible for the banning of all fireworks in some states.  This in turn has caused another problem.  When fireworks are banned, people make their own.  Many children and adults have been injured, even killed trying to make what they cannot buy legally.  Common fireworks are quite safe when people establish a safe shooting area and follow the instructions on the packaging.  Always be considerate of others and observe local laws.  Never let children use fireworks without adult supervision.  The use of fireworks is an American tradition, loved and enjoyed by millions, young and old alike.